Tug & Barge

Tug & Barge

TPM has operate more than 60 sets of tug and barge for the transportation of bulk cargo
such as coal, woodchips, clinker, sponge rotary kiln (srk) etc.
TPM business process:

1. Inter island: Loading the cargo and carried to other island or other country
2. Transhipment: Loading the cargo and carried to the mother vessel



Barge are pulled by tug boats alongside the loading port based on the instruction/guidance from the customer. The loading process is done according to barge capacity with safety and prevailing regulation . After ensuring the loading of the barges are safe and feasible to sail, the tug boat pull the barges out of the port for enabling them to sail onwards to their next port destination.


Barges are pulled by tugboats and sail to the destination port or mother vessel as agreed with the customer. During the sailing, the tugboat’s crew report to the head office, and the head office will pass this report to customers.


There are two kinds of discharging process based on the destinations:

A. Discharging to Mother vessel. Barges are pulled by tugboat, carrying the goods from loading port to mother vessel that waiting at the river or seashore and the goods transferred from barges to mother vessel using the floating crane.
B. Discharging to port. This method can be both in domestic and regional territories. This shipping method called inter island.